Frequently Asked Questions

  • Select a tutorial and click Classroom OR
  • Click 'Find Tutors' on the job board and select your price point OR
  • Message tutors directly.
  • Receive classroom requests from published tutorials OR
  • Click 'Find Students' on the job board and select your price point OR
  • Make 'friends' with other tutors and receive notifications when students request classrooms from their tutorials.
  • The platform fee is 4.9% of classroom tuition plus ¢30.
  • Payments are made the following Monday by PayPal.
  • All prices are in CAD.
Tutorials include:
  • YouTube video
  • Video summary
  • Practice activities
  • Classroom instruction
  • Upload a video from your profile posts.
  • Click 'Tutorial'.
  • Add your content. Note activities require a 'Creators Subscription'.
  • Click 'Publish'.

To upload a video paste the YouTube URL in the comment ie.

  • Checkmark the Tutorials to include.
  • Click 'Update Profile' OR
  • Open the tutorial and click 'My Tutorial'.

Your app opens when activities are selected from the tutorials on your profile.

  • Every tutorial includes eight activities with speech recognition and text-to-speech technology for speaking, listening and reading.
  • Every activity includes a progress and performance report.
  • Activities open in the app.