Tutorials include a video, review, comment and messaging systems, lesson plan enrollment and up to nine activities and reports.

To make a tutorial first post the URL in your profile. Then click 'Tutorial' and complete the form. Click 'Save'.

Activities open in the app:

and include:
  • See the picture, match the word.
  • Listen to the audio, match the picture.
  • See the picture, repeat verbally.
  • Read the text, repeat verbally.
  • Listen to the audio, repeat verball.
  • Listen to the audio, match the response.
  • Read the text, respond verbally.

Activities also include progress and performance performance reports.

To make activities first open a post, then click 'Tutorial' and include your content. Click 'Save'.

Lesson plans let you create your own itinerary from selected tutorials. To make a lesson plan, open the tutorial to include and click 'Lesson Plan'. To open your lesson plan go to the home page and click 'Lesson Plan'.