Frequently Asked Questions

Click 'Find Tutors' on the home page and select your price point. Available Tutors will respond within 24 hours.

You may also send Private Messages from 'Tutors' or 'Tutorials'.

Click 'Find Students' on the home page. Select your price point and contact the student directly.

You may also receive push notifications by subscribing to RSS feeds in the same section or Private Messages directly from Students or Schools you have Friended (see below).

The platform fee is 25% and payments are made the following Monday by PayPal.
Tutorials include YouTube videos, YouGlish, Unsplash, practice activities for speaking, listening and reading and a companion app to track progress and performance. Tutors may select Tutorials to include in their profile by clicking Customize Profile.

Publishers receive 20% royalties when their Tutorials are used class.

Tutorials are free to use outside of class and publish.

Select or upload a video at 'Tutorials' and click 'Publish Tutorial'. Approved Tutorials will be publicly available within 24 hours.

Once a Tutorial is published you may open a School by sending Friend Requests to other Tutors.

When your Tutorial gets scheduled, a Private Message is sent to your Tutors with the details.

Once your Tutor has delivered your Tutorial in class you will receive royalties as you normally would (see above).

From 'Tutorials' click 'TV Guide' and post an URL containing the video you would like to include.

On approval your video will be available on TESOL Tutor TV and other Tutors will be able publish Tutorials using it.

Open Tutorial and click Schedule.

If you are already logged in enter your preferred date and time. If you are not logged in enter your email.